All of our products are hand made with 100% natural ingredients. The basis of crems and oils is cold pressed organic sertificed canola oil from Myssyfarmi from Pöytyä. A big part of the raw materials is from Finland. Essential oils are from France from Albert Veille. Every product is hand made with love in our own factory in Marttila.

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Honey Cream

Honey Cream is very moisturizing, nourishing and invigorating cream for the whole body. Excellent for kids also!

from 14.35
16.90 €


Ginger-MSM-Salve for muscle and joint pain. Relaxes muscles, nurtures joints and improves blood circulation.

from 16.90

Spruce Resin Salve

Spruce Resin Salve - for wound healing and dry, cracking skin. It has antibacterial effects and it also moistures skin. 100% natural!

from 16.90

Warming Foot Cream

Warming Foot Cream improves blood circulation and relaxes. Excellent for people with diabetics!

from 16.90

Chaga Cream

Chaga has the highest ORAC score. Because of its high antioxidants levels chaga is an exellent skin care product for aging skin.

from 16.90


Tar Resin Salve is for itchy and dry skin. Good for insect stings and also for keeping insects away. Excellent for psoriasis.

from 16.90

Cooling Foot Cream

Cooling Foot Cream is relaxing and calming cream for feet with a wonderful smell of peppermint.

from 16.90

Antiseptic Fungal Cream

With Antiseptic Spruce Resin Salve you can cure calluts, warts ans fungal infections. Good for cracking nails too!

from 24.90

Meadowsweet Cream

Meadowsweet cream for muscle and join pain. Also a good help with skin problems!

from 24.90

Ginger-MSM Massage Oil

Ginger-MSM-Massage Oil relaxes muscles, improves blood circullation and reduces inflammation and pain.

from 19.90

Spruce Resin Salve 30%

Extra strong Spruce Resin Salve has 30% of resin. It is best for wound healing but also for dry skin and rashes. 30 ml.


Traditional Finnish Pitch Salve

Pitch Oil has been used for long time to heal small wounds and abrasions and also for itchy skin and insect stings.


Traditional Finnish Camphor Salve

In the old days grandmas and grandpas used camphor salve for cold feet and hands. Camphora improves blood circulation.


Arctic Fluffy Oil

Arctic Fluffy takes care of your skin after shaving and it is also great for dry skin and hair.

from 29.00

King David Body Oil

This moisturizing body oil keeps your skin smooth and shiny. Perfect oil for body builders on stage!