Water alkaline stik


Water alkaline stik

The water alkalizing and ionizing stick increases the pH of the drinking water. Alkaliation and ionization occur with alkaline minerals. Ionization increases the antioxidant effect of the water, that is to help neutralize free radicals. The pH increase helps neutralize acidity and breaks the water cluster, allowing cells to make better use of water.

  • Cleans the body
  • Balanced acid base balance
  • To strengthen immunity
  • Makes water an antioxidant - neutralizes harmful oxygen radicals
  • Gives strength - increases body energy at the cellular level
  • Liquates your body more effectively - water is absorbed up to three times more efficiently in cells than normal tap water
  • Improves metabolism in the cell by enhancing oxygen flow and utilization
  • Helps in weight management


Put the stick on a 1 liter plastic bottle that is halfway through the water. Shake the bottle for 2 minutes and pour the water out. The stick is now ready for use. The next times the water alkalizes (pH 9) and ionizes for 5-10 minutes. Now, just add a stick to the water bottle.

NB! Alkaliated and ionized water can not be tested on a pH-scale, but by a pH meter or pH-type.

The stick can be used about half a year or for 500-700 liters.

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